How To Do Alexa Setup on Echo Devices

Alexa, Can you play me a song? 

It feels really good when Alexa replied in a very sweet voice and agree to all the commands you give to it. 

But the problem here is there are many people who have Alexa at their home but they are not able to listen to her voice. You may surprise that how could that possible but this is the truth. And the reason behind that is the Alexa setup

Yes, plenty of people don’t know how to set up Alexa on echo devices and that is the reason why we are providing you this informative article. 

Follow each and every step sequence wise and in the given manner to solve the issue of Alexa setup.

Important steps for Alexa setup

  1. Download Alexa app: This is the very first and the basic step. What you should do first is to download the Alexa app from the play store or app store to your device. Remember that you should have ios 11.0, android 5.1 and OS 5.3.3. 
  2. Setup the Echo device: After the Alexa app gets successfully download to your device then it’s time to set it up. First login into the Alexa app with your Amazon ID and password. 

Note: In case you are facing any kind of difficulty while login into your Amazon account or forget your password or any other issue, then without thinking so much you can call on our helpline numbers. 

USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and 

UK: +44 800-041-8324

  1. Plugin into Alexa: Take out the wire of the Alexa and insert it into a power source. If you will see a yellow light then congratulations your Alexa is ready to use. But wait till the light turns to orange. 
  2. Connect the device with wifi: This is a very easy and important step in the Alexa setup. Don’t forget to connect your Alexa with the wifi available wifi network. 
  3. Start talking to Alexa: Once you have successfully completed the above steps then it’s time to hear from Alexa. And do so you just ahve to say the wake word “Alexa” and Alexa will revert you back. You also have the option to change the wake word. 
  4. Start using your Echo device: You can smile now as you are done with the Alexa setup. Start using your Alexa by saying its wake word. You can give command standing in any corner of the room as the echo device has 7 inbuilt microphones. You have the option to do a number of things with your Amazon echo like calling your friends, checking out the weather or traffic in your area, listen to songs, etc. 
  5. Connect your Amazon echo with speakers: Now open your Alexa app and select smart home from the app menu. Search for the nearby speakers and get connected. You can also use certified Bluetooth speakers that are designed to work with echo devices for better experience. 

Alexa Helpline service

Although the above steps are enough to help you to set up the Amazon Echo device in case you have to face any kind of difficulty then you can call our helpline numbers. 

Our technician will pick the call and asked for the problem, tell them everything in detail and they will solve your problem in no time. 

From day to night, from Monday to Sunday, call them anytime you feel comfortable they are 24*7 available for you.  

Call toll free Alexa Customer Service number USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and UK : +44 800-041-8324.



How to Fix Alexa Not Responding

Hey Alexa, Play me a romantic song! Alexa?Alexa??

That is something that hurts more than anything. Yes, When your Alexa not responding to you it really feels like you lose someone very special from your life. 

Let’s don’t go so deep into sarcasm and get back to the topic. It may happen anytime with you that your Alexa starts behaving abnormally due to some reasons. And then you have left two options. 

First, either search for the right article like you are reading right now or directly call our Alexa helpline number at US/Canada: +1-888-949-4666 and UK:+44-800-041-8324 customer executives which in just a few minutes to solve all of your related problems. In case, you choose the second option then you will find helpline numbers at the end of this article. 

There may be several reasons for Alexa not responding

  1. It may happen that you forget to charge your Alexa or forget to plug it into the power source. Check if the wire is inserted properly or not. 
  2. If the above is not the case then you have to check for the internet access, who knows you have lost your connection. 
  3. Check if your Alexa is placed inside the range so that it gets connected to speakers properly. 
  4. Check if your Alexa is connected to the wrong device, if yes then change its wake word and disconnect it from the other one. 
  5. Enable Alexa’s privacy to make it respond again to you. 
  6. Another important reason behind Alexa not working could be your voice. Always speak in a normal voice and not in a loud one. 
  7. Your voice should be very natural and clear so that the device would clearly recognize you. 
  8. Another important thing that you should put in your head is: never put Alexa near output devices like TV, radio, etc. As it may be the reason behind Alexa not working

If you have applied all the above-mentioned methods and find Alexa not responding yet then my friend the issue may be serious and for that, you need some technician expert. Don’t worry we will going to provide you our expert’s number at the end of this article. 

Alexa Helpline

You can call them anytime, they will always be there when you need them. With a number of solutions, they will solve all of your problems. Just feel free to call Alexa Customer Service at US/Canada: +1-888-949-4666 and +44-800-041-8324.

How to Setup Alexa on Amazon Echo Device

Amazon Echo, this is really a great thing that you can gift your loved ones or to yourself. You will always feel like there is someone with you even if you are alone. 

Hearing sweet voice from voice assistant Alexa and asking silly questions in no time is something very exciting. But, before all that, one needs to know how to do Alexa setup, which sometimes feels so tricky. Let’s go. 

Steps to setup Amazon Echo

Soon after you buy Alexa to your home, you have to install it first to enjoy its quick replies, to make it read audiobooks and to report the weather for you. 

  1. Alexa Setup App: The first thing you should do is to download the Alexa app on your smartphone from the available app store. Don’t worry you don’t need to buy it as you are the owner of Amazon Echo. Set up the Echo device but make sure that you are connected to any network. This app is easily available on smartphones with ios 11.0, android 5.1 or higher or O.S 5.3.3. 
  2. Amazon Echo Plugging: This step is really very simple, what you have to do is to connect your Echo device to the power outlet. If it will show you a blue light, it means it starts working. Wait till the light turns to orange color and be ready to hear from Alexa. 
  3. Connect the Echo with Wifi: Don’t forget to connect the Echo to the available wifi network. Open Wifi and it will show you the device name. Connect with the device and save the password to Amazon so that you will not need to enter the password every time in case you are going to connect a new Alexa device. 
  4. Enjoy talking to Alexa: To start talking to Alexa you just have to say the default wake word “Alexa” and you will soon get a response from the device. But, many times it happens that there may be a human with the same name. In such cases, you can simply change the name from the Alexa app. 
  5. Start using Amazon Echo: Congratulations! Your Amazon Echo with virtual assistant Alexa is set up and ready to be used. To check, whether the device is working good or not you can say the wake word i.e. Alexa. The Amazon Echo includes seven inbuilt microphones which are capable to hear you from any corner of the room even the surrounding is so noisy. 
    You have a number of options to do with the device like calling your friends, listen to your favorite songs, sending messages to your family, check on traffic conditions, etc.
  6. Connect Speakers: Simply go to the Alexa app menu and select Smart Home. Soon after that, the Alexa will try to find any nearby device or speakers so that you can pair with them. Suppose Alexa is not able to find nearby devices then you can select add devices option. 

For best results, you can get a Bluetooth speaker but that should be certified to work With the Echo devices. 

If you are facing any problem while Alexa setup then, you can visit our website or get in touch with Alexa expert at Alexa Customer Service number USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and UK: +44 800-041-8324. 

5 Easy Steps to Fix Alexa Offline Issue

Getting Alexa offline error again and again? It could be very frustrating when you speak to Alexa, but she says, sorry Your Echo Dot offline.

Alexa app offline or Echo Dot Offline both are equally traumatic. Following check out five quick steps that could fix your Echo not working issue. 

Keep trying all these one after another until you get your Amazon Alexa Not Working issue resolved. Let’s start. 

Alexa Offline issue

Wi-Fi Problem

Before looking for any other fault, first, make sure if your wi-fi is the culprit. 

  • Slow or no internet speed could also send your Amazon Echo Offline. 
  • Cross-check if other devices are getting internet access from your wi-fi.
  • Else check with wi-fi settings. 

You need to consult with Alexa experts. Or you can click here to know more about How to connect Alexa Echo Dot to Wifi?”

Check The Placement Of Your Echo Dot.

If there is so much distance between your router and Echo Dot, you will get to see Echo Offline error. 

Similarly, if you are speaking to Alexa from far long you could get Alexa is offlineerror on the device screen. 

Keep all your device in range of wifi and as close as possible to each other.

Update Alexa app

Are you sure you didn’t miss any Alexa update? Check once again!! Working on old Alexa app version could result in many problems, such as:

  • Amazon Echo Offline
  • Alexa Not Working
  • Echo Dot Not Responding

Update your Alexa!! Need help on this? Speak to experts at Alexa Customer Service Number: USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666

Re-install Alexa App

If your problem persists and you still combating Echo Dot Not Responding situation. Then try to uninstall and re-install Alexa app on your smartphone again. 

  • Once you are done with installing Alexa app. you should take up Alexa Echo setup job again. 
  • Then try to connect Alexa to wi-fi.

If it replies, that means both devices are back online. 

Reset Echo device

The last option to try when your “Alexa is not responding” is to reset your Echo device. 

Get complete guidelines on how to reset the echo dot device, click here. 

Resetting Echo device will also fix 

  • Echo Dot Not Responding
  • Echo Dot Not Working
  • Echo Dot Offline
  • Echo Offline
  • Alexa Device Offline

along with the Alexa offline issue. 

For any further assistance, speak to our experts. Dial the Alexa helpline toll-free Numbers: USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 and UK: +44 800-041-8324.

A Quick Guide on How To Setup Amazon Echo Dot?

The best thing about Amazon Echo series devices is that these are quite easy to use. If you have an Echo dot, you are lucky enough to enjoy the outstanding performance of Alexa. But for that, you need first to set up Echo dot, which is quite an easy job. 

This post will provide you an easy help guide on How To Setup Amazon Echo Dot, in case you have any confusions. Let’s start.

  • To Set Up your Echo dot device, you need to set up Alexa on it. So the endeavor starts with downloading the Alexa app.
  • Alexa app is available for free on Google play store and apple store. Download the app as per your smartphone/tablet OS.
  • Next, unbox your Echo dot and plug in the power cord (turn on the power.)
  • Wait until the Echo dot ring light shows stable orange light. (The stable orange light indicates your Echo has done the initial setup and is now ready to listen to you.) Click here to learn more about Troubleshooting Alexa Ring Light issues, plz add link
  • Move to your smartphone, open Alexa app. 
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Set up a new device.’ This will set up Alexa on Echo device and initiate the Wi-Fi connectivity process.
  • A list of available devices will pop up. Select your Amazon Echo Dot device. Also, select the language option on the next page.
  • Next page will let you connect Alexa to Wi-Fi. Select ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ option to continue the Echo setup.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings and select your Amazon Echo device (from the list of access points) 
  • Move back to Alexa app. You will see a notification stating Alexa setup on Echo Dot is done (that means your Alexa app is now connected to your Echo device.)
  • Click on “Continue’ option to connect Alexa to wifi.
  • Choose your network name and type the correct password. 

Finally, click ‘Connect.’ It will take a few seconds to minutes to let your Alexa connected to the wi-fi network. ( it depends upon your internet speed.)

Once the Echo dot setup is done, you will see the ‘Settings’ menu again. And your Amazon Echo Dot will be showing Online in the list now.

Now you can ask Alexa to do jobs for you. There are specific Echo dot setup issues that you might face, such as:

For all such Alexa errors, you can talk to Alexa experts available at Alexa Helpline Numbers: USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 & UK: +44 800-041-8324.

How to fix Alexa Echo Error 6:1:103:10:3

Is Alexa echo error 6:1:103:10:3 display on your Alexa device? This error code states that your wifi password is not correct while you have entered while configuring the Alexa echo. In order to fix Alexa echo error 6:1:103:10:3, you will have to set up the Alexa echo device again. 

Here is the detailed procedure on how to set up the Alexa Echo device:

  • Firstly plug in your Alexa echo device.
  • To start setting up the Alexa echo device you will have to open the Alexa app.
  • At the right bottom of the app, select the device.
  • Now click on the “+” icon and click on add device.
  • You will see the list of devices that you are setting up.
  • Now click on amazon echo and follow the instructions given on the screen accordingly.
  • Now your Alexa echo device has been set up again. It would fix Alexa echo error 6:1:103:10: 3.

If still the issue persists you need to fix Alexa echo error 6:1:103:10:3 by clicking on “forget this network”. 

How to Modify the Network on Alexa

To fix this issue you need to reconnect your device with the wireless network. Follow the below steps to reconnect Alexa to Wi-Fi network:

  1. In the Alexa app, open the “settings” from the left navigation panel.
  2. Now select the network and click to “forget this network”.
  3. The next step is to select your home network and enter the password to re-establish the wi-fi connection.
  4. Wait for a while and your Alexa is good to go.

Even after following the steps mentioned above you are not able to fix alexa echo error 6:1:103:10:3, you need support feel free to call Alexa customer service, toll-free number US/Canada: +1-888-949-4666 and UK: +44-800-041-8324.

We are here to assist you for your every issue that you are facing with your alexa echo device and Alexa Setup. A call by you and the issue would be resolved instantly.

How To Setup Amazon Echo Dot- An Easy Guide

The most useful feature of the Amazon Echo series devices is that all of these are very user-friendly. It is almost everyone’s cup of tea to setup Amazon Echo dot, Echo plus, and others.

This article is dedicated to making you learn more about how to setup Amazon Echo dot, to enjoy the exceptional Alexa’s performance.  

We have tried to keep this helpful guide as simple as possible. So that it can help all techies and non-techies while setting up their Echo devices. 

If you do not wish to try things on your own, you can contact the Alexa experts at the Echo Customer Service Number. But why not give it a try once. 

Following check out the step by step easy instructions. Let’s start.

  • Unbox your Echo dot and attach the power code and turn on the power. 
  • Wait until the ring light shows the orange color. The orange color indicates your Echo dot is ready to work.
  • In case you see blue flashing light or some other light color, you need to get it fixed. Click here to get more know-how on Alexa ring light: Troubleshooting Alexa Ring Light issues.
  • Now come to the Alexa app; download the app from the Apple store or the Google play store. 
  • Alexa app is available free for all users, whether you are using Android or the iPhone.  
  • Once you are done with downloading and installing the Alexa app; open it.
  • Go to the main menu and then ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Set up a new device.’ 
  • Explore and add your Echo dot in this. This will set up the Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa.
  • Ext, proceed to connect your Echo dot to your wi-fi network.
  • Choose your SSID, provide a password, and connect to it.
  • When all set, you will get a notification in the Alexa app. The message will confirm that the Alexa setup on Echo Dot is completed.

Now you can command Alexa and the Echo dot will speak for you. The echo dot speakers are of good quality.

The cherry on the cake is you can use the Echo dot as Bluetooth speakers with your home music system as well.

Need more help on Amazon Echo Dot set up or Alexa Wi-Fi Setup? Contact to experts at the  Alexa Helpline Numbers: USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 & UK: +44 800-041-8324.

Alexa Customer Service

The expert Alexa technicians can be contacted by dialing the toll-free Alexa Customer Service Number USA/Canada: +1 888-949-4666 & UK: +44 800-041-8324. They are available 24×7 to provide instant help to users. 

Amazon Alexa & Echo Devices

Amazon Alexa Devices, smart devices are known for their advancement in artificial intelligence as well as virtual assistance for the users. Alexa devices are used for various functionalities such as playing music, making to-do lists, setting alarm for the user and many other real-time activities as like new, sports, and so on.

Issues Faced By Users:

Amazon Alexa Device is electronic device so there might be any technical issues faced by the users, for that we are here to help to get rid of such issues. Issues faced by Alexa Users are enlisted below:

  • Adding a new Alexa to the Wireless network
  • Alexa Wireless setup & configuration
  • Amazon echo not connecting to WiFi
  • Connecting the Amazon Echo with Secure Connection
  • Changing the access Pin for Amazon Alexa
  • Re-configuring the Amazon Alexa
  • Setting up Multiple Alexa Device on the Same account

How We Work?

Before proceeding with further technical assistance, the user should go through the basic checks that are listed on the official website i.e. alexahelpline. Further, apart from it, our tech folks are always ready to provide the best support to the users to make their experience worth as well as smoother to access the Alexa Device.

Assistance can be achieved by online support simply over the call or also a remote session can be established to the ellaborate stepwise procedure for the configurations as well as connectivity of the Alexa Device. Our technical experts always offer a better life experience to make you troublefree from all sort of queries and issues in the shortest span of time.

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